Zhejiang Yunyue Industry Co., Ltd


Zhejiang Yunyue Industry Co., Ltd
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Manufacturer & Trading Company
Primary services
stadium floor chair
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beach floor chair, lazy sofa, legless floor chairs, recliner floor chair, Saudi floor chair
Jinyun Industrial Zone, Jinyun County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province

Company Profile

Cosy Sit is more than a chair. It’s a higher pursuit of life!CosySit has been committed to the design and production of floor chairs since 2006 and has its own factory, which passed ISO9001 quality management system and BSCI certification.Due to good quality and service, CosySit always have a stable customer base, and time of the longest cooperation is even up to 8 years. At present, our major markets are the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc.In addition, for some small batches of customers, we also provide flexible MOQ to meet the individual needs of customers.Have you ever encountered such annoying problems?No place to sit or only have tough seat which is not adjustable.Just image. While watching the game in the open air, you can only sit on some fixed chair or even be seated on a hard ground. Certainly, it makes your body uncomfortable if you sit for a long time and the enthusiasm of watching the game will be reduced.Now,there’s no need to worry about this, as CosySit was born. Our purpose is to make you sit as comfortably as possible wherever you are and enrich your leisure time. There is an intimate date with nature.You can lie on the outdoor lounger floor chair, breathe the crisp air, smell the fragrance of flowers, touch the cool stream and hear the birds singing. Become a landscape on the playground.While watching the game on the stands of stadium, you take a colorful folding stadium floor seat by your side. Not only does it make you sit comfortably and fully engaged in the game, but also its eye-catching color will attract the attention of the audience and let you become the focus. What an exciting thing!Increase the affection of family and friendship.Sitting in a recliner floor chair with your friends or family, enjoying a cup of tea and chatting about interesting things that happened recently maybe a wonderful thing. Emotion is like a flower, what you pay for will determine what you will gain.